Off The Grid

Off The Grid 2

Members Notice… no need to be alarmed. despite what you are about to read you have no need for concern. updates to the members area will resume shortly after the beta release of Nextgen Gallery is available. i’ve already made you aware of the problem that caused me to suspend updates temporarily and according to(…)

Mook On The Low

Mook On The Low 0

Name:  Mook (SG-056) Age: 20 Last known Locale:  Pattaya Occupation:  Dancer Occasionally @ Living Dolls Showcase, Walking Street when i first met Mook, she was a dancer at Fahrenheit A-Go-Go under the care of May, Shake Girl No. 17.  she’s got a story that’s all too common as she’d come to Pattaya at an early age(…)

Hunny Sweet

Hunny Sweet 0

Name:  Hunny (SG-066) Age: 22 Last known Locale:  Pattaya Occupation:  Showgirl Occasionally @ Angelwitch A-Go-Go, Walking Street Soi 15 it took a while to finally get Hunny in front of my lens. we originally met while she was working at her relatives’ massage shop. she is always very sweet and polite. she’s trying her best to(…)

Barebacking 101

Barebacking 101 0

let me first qualify this post by saying, i am not advising all people have sex (unprotected) without a condom aka ‘bareback’.  public health authorities worldwide advise people who are sexually active to reduce their risk of contracting sexually transmitted disease with the consistent and proper use of a condom.  this is advice you should(…)

SG Tour 2014 Booking Now!

SG Tour 2014 Booking Now! 0

we’re now booking for our Shake Girl Bangkok-Pattaya Tour scheduled for March 10-19 (total 9 days), 2014.  going on your first vacation to Thailand with us will 1) save you money (reduced costs on local travel & accommodations), 2) help you avoid common noobie tourist scams, 3) maximize your enjoyment, 4) minimize hassles and needs(…)

Members Area Open!

Members Area Open! 2

finally, it’s ALIVE! i didn’t plan on this as most of you know but there comes a time where any hobby that has expenses also needs income if one wants it to survive.  i recall writing & publishing an entry in the early stages of this website saying it would continue to be ‘free’. often,(…)

Miy’s Got A Body

Miy’s Got A Body 0

Name:  Miy (SG-047) Age: 27 Last known Locale:  Pattaya Occupation:  Freelancer Occasionally @ Flexx Club (after 3am) Miy is a mature woman, experienced in the game who previously danced at several of the more popular go-go bars on Walking Street.  recently, she’s returned from a short stint overseas and because she’s so fiercely independent, maintains by(…)

Wan’s Sweet Assets

Wan’s Sweet Assets 4

Name:  Wan (SG-045) Age: 29 Last known Locale:  Bangkok Occupation:  Beauty Salon Owner (Freelance) Occasionally @ Q Bar Bangkok, iBar (Pattaya) i suppose you’re expecting a long report about where Wan has ‘worked’ but she’s not actually in ‘the game’.  she’s just a girl with a bubbly personality who loves to take live life to the(…)

Kat’s Got The Look

Kat’s Got The Look 2

Name:  Kat (SG-040) Age: 23 Last known Locale:  Pattaya Occupation:  Freelancer Currently @ iBar (by Club Insomnia, Walking Street) people like to throw the word ‘stunner’ around a lot when referring to the ladies that make Pattaya such an attractive vacation destination. the young lady in this edition should have her picture in the dictionary next(…)

May’s the Mommy

May’s the Mommy 3

Name:  May (SG-017) Age: 23 Last known Locale:  Pattaya Occupation:  Showgirl Currently @ Fahrenheit A-Go-Go (Walking Street) May was a dancer at a well known but rarely frequented go-go in the Pattayaland area when i first met her. she was one of only 2 good looking girls in a bar that also has ladyboys sharing(…)